Who we are

We are here to fulfill your dream, with the best and latest technologies. We will take you to the world and everyone’s heart. The team which will work for you, give your business a new way. The business which was locally, we will make it international and give you recognition. There are lots more which will make you more advanced. Then what are you waiting for, just know about us and let’s have a cup of coffee.


Nikunj Chonkar (Founder):

Nikunj has a vision of Sunglow Solution. The one who has a dream to take you online. He has learned the technology
from scratch and applied to its best. A Person with a positive attitude towards the situation and always learning
from the situation. Always has a dream to work in a team and let his team lead the world.


Abhay Dhonde (Co-founder):

Abhay is the smartest stud in the house. His view to every object makes him differ from others.
He has awesome analytical skills which treat him to be unique.


Viral Chonkar (Co-founder):

Viral is the youngest kid in the house. He has great grasping power and is quick to learn new concepts.
He is amazing in the web development.